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As a landscaping business in Vancouver, West Coast Modernscape Landscaping (www.westcoastmodernscape.com) is very proud of the feedback we receive from our customers.  Part of why we are so proud is because this type of feedback states volumes about our work. In fact, in this case, we managed to receive two more landscaping jobs in the same neighbourhood!

We met Ray at the Vancouver Home Show and were impressed initially with his fire tables. The following year he was there again and we were in process of building a new home at that time. We chatted and Ray came out to look at the project and gave us a quote for all the landscaping including driveway, walkways and fencing.

His quote struck me as high initially. The scope of the work was frankly more than we had initially envisioned so Ray brought us into budget reality right from the start. For that I am most appreciative, rather than having an unpleasant surprise later.

Ray and his landscaping crew undertook the project in a professional and timely manner. Brick paver driveway, sidewalks and pool decking were all installed beautifully and two years later are still showing no signs of settlement or any other issues with one minor exception which was corrected immediately on notice. Two dozen or so miniature Maple trees were planted, some of which did not make it through the first winter. One phone call that following Spring and Ray was out to replace every one of the four or five affected trees within a few days. He told us he guaranteed his work and he stood by that totally.

In addition we have a beautiful fire table on our deck designed and built by Ray and his team.

The team were a  great bunch of guys that seemed to be devoted to their landscaping Company and to Ray and they took pride in their work. They never missed a beat with us and we are proud to show people their work product at our residence. Two of our neighbours subsequently hired Ray to do work for them with equally satisfied results.

If we built again, Ray will be doing the landscaping.

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