Outdoor Living

Living on the West Coast, we have the good fortune to be able to enjoy every day outside, even when it’s raining. A well designed outdoor living space as a part of your landscaping project can extend your home’s comfort well past the sliding doors in the family room or your business’s working space past the back door of the coffee room.

Let West Coast Modernscape, Vancouver Landscapers, extend your living space to the outdoors. Regardless of the size of your yard or outdoor space, we can work with you to create a natural space that complements your home or office and connects it with your lawn and garden seamlessly.

Taking privacy and functionality into consideration, West Coast Modernscape will work with you to design your outdoor living space, which can include the following options as a part of your landscaping project:

  • flagstone patios and walkways
  • retaining walls
  • steps
  • post and beam decks, pergolas and larger outdoor living areas
  • water features
  • outdoor kitchens
  • outdoor fireplaces
  • lighting
  • fences


Outdoor living is not just a construction project it is a way of life. By creating stunning practical decks and patios West Coast Modernscape can give your family that extra functional outdoor space every home needs. The beauty of outdoor living is to not  limit yourself to being outside only when the weather is nice but to enjoy nature in comfort all year round. This can be achieved by building  one of many creative and efficient roof systems West Coast Modernscape has designed.

A fire pit or fire table custom made for your deck or patio is a cozy place for your family to hang out on those chilly nights. And if you need to escape the heat in the dead of summer adding a pergola or privacy screen can give you that much needed shade.

Fully integrated custom outdoor kitchens gives you and your family the option to create gourmet meals while still enjoying nature and an outdoor lifestyle. Outdoor kitchens are extremely functional, make much less mess than cooking traditionally and is fun for the whole family. Almost any traditional cooking appliances can be integrated into your outdoor kitchen. If you are just looking to have a relaxing and peaceful yard the construction of water features can give your space that tranquil zen like atmosphere you desire.

By incorporating a wide range of West Coast Modernscape services you can create amazing fully functional outdoor living spaces with all the comforts of indoor life while still being able to enjoy nature.

West Coast Modernscape has proudly won several awards (visit our home page for the listing) for its outdoor living spaces. Visit our Gallery to view a collection of our work, and then give us a call to discuss how to extend your living space to the outdoors.


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