Spring Landscaping and Gardening Tips from West Coast Modernscape Landscaping of Vancouver.

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Being a Vancouver based landscaping company; we continually receive questions and requests about certain aspects of one’s garden.  Although we are more focused on the landscaping, hardscape aspect of the business, we believe that providing tips and information about a garden can go a long way with current and future customers.

Spring is here, and gardeners & landscapers are eager to dig in. Let’s get right to some tips to help you.

Landscaping/Gardening Tip #1 – When you’re finished your morning coffee; don’t throw those coffee grindings away.  Were you aware that plants can also benefit from coffee?  Instead of throwing them away, dig them into the soil.  This will help your garden wonderfully.  Some landscaping companies or gardeners will use them like a fertilizer; others may use them like mulch.  The coffee grounds will also act like an excellent deterrent against unwanted pests like snails and slugs.  They have a reputation for being a defense strategy within a garden.

Landscaping/Gardening Tip #2 – When you start to reach the end of summer, let some of your plants grow to seed.  This is an excellent way to save the following year on the cost of purchasing new seeds.

Landscaping/Gardening Tip #3 – When it comes to weeds in your garden; we always look to the most environmentally friendly option available. This holds particularly true if you have kids.  So what is an easy inexpensive solution? Vinegar!  This is natures natural weed killer. So dig through your cupboard and see if you have any white vinegar that may have passed ‘expiry’.

Landscaping/Gardening Tip #4 – As a premier landscaping company in the Vancouver area, we have seen our share of creative DIY planters.  Depending on the style of your landscaping may depend on what we are about to mention will suit your appeal.  How about an old pair of rain boots? You could easily turn them into characterful planters.  When you think about it, if it is a receptacle and it looks good, why not use it!

Landscaping/GardeningTip #5 – Did you know that there are many bugs and insects that cannot stand the smell of marigolds?  Go figure.  A natural insect repellent that looks great in the garden and looks good in almost any landscaped area!  Have a vegetable garden? Plant a few in the vicinity as well to keep the parasites away.

Landscaping/Gardening Tip #6 – Save those kitchen scraps!  Hold off on throwing out your old veggie peelings, you could be binning next year’s carrot crop! Did you know that a number of vegetables will actually root if they are held or suspended above a shallow dish of water?  This would include celery sticks, sweet potato slices and even carrot tops!  Give it a try!

Although West Coast Modernscape Landscaping is primarily involved in just the landscaping and hardscaping within the Vancouver area, we receive enough questions to warrant putting some helpful information together for our visitors.  Share this with a neighbour, share it with a friend and don’t forget to visit our website at: http://www.westcoastmodernscape.com

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