An Insight Into Concrete Driveways and Paving Stones. Which is the Right Choice for Your Project?

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At West Coast Modernscape, we can advise that many people whom consider installation of a concrete driveway or paving stone style driveways do not know what really goes on behind the scenes.  Most people see the finished product but not the actual steps involved.

Unlike many DIY projects, this one, unless you are a mason by trade or had experience in the industry can be a little overwhelming to get just right.  Many DIY projects around the house involve the removal of and old wall, or floor and simply putting in some new drywall or flooring and you’re done.  Concrete is a whole other ball of wax.  Not only do you have to consider prepping the concrete, but you must also be aware of set times and of course the right proportions of mix.

If you look to consider interlocking paving stones, although there is no mix involved, the prep work can also be again overwhelming.  The interlocking concrete pavers are a type (there are many) of paver that is commonly referred to as a segmental paver.  This particular style is one that has become more common over the last couple of decades in both the US and Canada as a popular substitute or alternative to standard concrete or brick.

This is not a new technology.  The technology has existed for thousands of years, used by the Romans in the creation of road infrastructure.  The technology originated in the Netherlands where the roads frequently shift because they are below sea level.  An alternate solution needed to be created because poured concrete under shifting conditions will crack.

The pavers are created using an extremely dry mix of sand, gravel and cement.  Color is also added in many situations.  The materials are vibrated and funneled into a paver mold with a very high pressure. Once the mold is removed, the pavers are ready.

At West Coast Modernscape, when considering a solution for your driveway, we take into consideration more than just overall durability.  We also consider the overall aesthetics along with the look and feel you are trying to achieve.  In some situations this may mean concrete is the right choice or in other situations, it may mean paving stones are the right choice. We have found in the Vancouver and Greater Vancouver area that the mix between concrete driveways and paving stone driveways are about equal. Whatever the right solution is for your project, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Be sure to visit our gallery for some of our concrete driveway work, paving stones and overall masonry at http://www.westcoastmodernscape.com/gallery/concrete.

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