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Spring Landscaping Tips for an Amazing Garden

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As a landscaping business in the Vancouver area, West Coast Modernscape has taken particular liking to the weather we have had this ‘winter’.  Many would agree, it has been as if winter in these parts never even made an...

Vancouver Landscaping Company West Coast Modernscape Landscaping Provides Insight into Adding Colour to your Garden. Some Tips You Should Know.

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Landscaping can take many forms including a new concrete driveway (a specialty of West Coast Modernscape Landscaping of Vancouver), an interlocking driveway, deck or patio.  Sometimes it is a simple as adding a new garden bed (raised or otherwise)...

Landscaping and Curb Appeal, West Coast Modernscape (http://www.westcoastmodernscape.com), Vancouver Landscaping Company Advises on Important Tips.

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You may be considering a refresh in your landscaping for one of many reasons, however today we are going to divulge into curb appeal and what type of landscaping would best suit your house. Creating an amazing street side...

Spring Cleaning Tips from Vancouver Landscapers, www.WestCoastModernscape.com.

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Back in the Summer / Fall, you brought in a professional landscaping company (like Vancouver Landscapers, West Coast Modernscape) too turn your yard into an extension of your living space. As time went on and seasons changed, you noticed...