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My wife and I had just purchased our new home, however there was much to be said about the status of the front yard and back yard.  We live on the side of a mountain and the front yard was an absolute mess, right down to a small retaining wall that was in need of either some serious work or being completely ripped out.

The back yard was in not much better shape and lacked any real friendly yard for a child to play in other than a decrepit for with a small slide.

It was about this time that we decided to go to a Vancouver Home and Garden show downtown to take a look for a landscaping company in the Vancouver area that could help to transform our front and back yard into a dream come true while remaining fairly low maintenance.

We came across a landscaping business, based in Vancouver by the name of ‘West Coast Modernscape Landscaping’ that we felt could be capable of doing the job while keeping budget in mind.  We had Ray drop by for an initial assessment of our front and back yard to see what he could do and provide an estimate for cost and time frame.

Before going any further into this and as far as Landscaping companies in Vancouver go, West Caost Modernscape and Ray’s team were absolutely phenomenal and delivered on time, on budget and with the utmost respect any home owner would be most appreciative of.

It was day one where they started to rip out the old retaining walls, the front entrance and a chunk of area into the mountain to give us more space in the front yard.  We had considered a new concrete driveway; however West Coast Modernscape advised that since the asphalt driveway does not have any real issues, replacing it with a concrete driveway would not make much sense.  In the end, they did re-coat it which brought it back to ‘new’.

Ray had wanted to go over the top with the landscaping and add a water fall, which my wife and I were a little leery about.  In the end, we did go with his suggestion to add the waterfall.  Hind sight being 20/20, this was one of the best decisions we have ever made as it has been an absolute delight to sit outside on our front landing and just watching the waterfall.

During the demolition of the front entry, the workers were extremely courteous and put down materials to ensure that we would not track muck or mire into our house during the construction.  The workers never stepped foot into our house to use any of our facilities and were always very polite and courteous when we were coming or going.

Our back yard was a mess.  While a couple of other Vancouver landscaping companies looked at our back yard and walk away;  West Coast Modernscape looked at it and said ‘time to roll up the sleeves and get dirty’ and took it on.  Our yard used to be a swamp, with the west part of the yard sliding down a slope.  With new drainage, a new fence, new grass, plants and walkway, the yard looked nothing less than spectacular by the time they were finished.

The front yard of our home receives little to no sunshine because of the way our house is angled.  The grass that was put in was soon to wither up and disintegrate.  This was NOT a fault of West Coast Modernscape and their Landscaping abilities by any means.  This was strictly a ‘grass does not grow where the sun barely shines’ problem.  This brought us to looking around at various companies to put in some artificial turf.  The companies that we had talked to were all extremely expensive which brought us back to the drawing table of what to do now.

It was no longer than a couple of days later where Ray had dropped by to follow up with us on our landscaping project when he saw the grass in the front in complete astonishment and asked us what we wanted.  We advised that we had been looking around at a couple of businesses for artificial turf to compliment the waterfall and overall landscaping in the front.  His response was ‘leave it for us, we will have you looked after, this is an absolute mess’.  The next day, they were in to rip out what was left of the withered up grass and began the process of implementing the artificial turf.  It only took a couple days for them to finish and the job was nothing than spectacular!  We could not be happier! No added cost.

In closing, we would hire West Coast Modernscape over and over again based on quality of workmanship, attention to detail, politeness and respect for our home and family, not to mention finishing on time and budget. Budget was very important to us as we are a young family, and their pricing was more than fair.  I thought this may lead to cheap quality or workmanship and this was clearly not the case.

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