Your Home is an Investment – Find out How a Professional Landscaping Job from West Coast Modernscape Landscaping of Vancouver Can Increase Your Property Value

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West Coast Modernscape Landscaping (www.westcoastmodernscape.com), a Vancouver area landscaping business is not your average one truck, two man landscaping business.

Although Ray’s team of talented landscaping professionals (see our testimonials here) are more than capable of small projects like replacing your grass, or installing a deck or patio, they are also capable to taking you through a totally comprehensive consultation for a large scale landscaping project which could include a new concrete driveway, raised garden or lawn areas, or even fountains and waterfalls.

“Hardscape projects are really where it is at,” advised Ray Evenson, owner and operator of West Coast Modernscape Landscaping of Vancouver. “A new lawn and freshly laid garden bed can make an immediate good first impression of your home, however it simply cannot compare to an all-out hardscape landscaping project utilizing natural stone products, retaining walls, walkways, concrete driveways and more. This type of landscaping project is what will make a direct impact on the financial value of your property,” continued Evenson.

Although located in Vancouver, where property values are higher than average, the American Society of Landscape Architects advises “Spending 5 percent of the total value of your home on landscaping, and doing it wisely, you can add 15 percent or more to the value of your home. (http://www.asla.org/nonmembers/publicrelations/homeowners_guide.htm).” Evenson added, “this really is pretty close to the mark. On the high end, a landscape / hardscape project value of over $250,000 is not unheard of for us. That being said, we have also taken on many smaller jobs under $10,000. So five percent, from our experience is pretty accurate.”

Although the ASLA mentions a 15 percent increase in property value for a noticeably upgraded landscaping job, some sources have mentioned as high as 20%. It does not require a mathematician to recognize a fairly easy 2 to 1 return on your landscaping investment. This also does not include your own personal enjoyment.

With continually rising real estate values in Vancouver, many landscaping companies recognize the financial value they are able to create for your property. West Coast Modernscape Landscaping changes the game and separates themselves from the competition in five key areas of landscaping & hardscape. These areas include water features and waterfalls, concrete driveways (interlocking as well, info here), fire tables, retaining walls and valuation. Value is not limited to reasonable cost, however quality of product and workmanship.

Kick back and envision all these elements brought together to create the most amazing and gorgeous look that your property has ever experienced. Combine this with the peace of mind that you have not only added value to your property but it is an investment as well.

About West Coast Modernscape Landscaping
West Coast Modernscape (www.WestCoastModernScape.com), a local Vancouver landscaping company has been catering to home and business owners in the lower mainland for over three decades. Specializing in all aspects of landscaping and hardscape including decks, patios, concrete driveways and paving stones we create outdoor living space that reflects your more casual side. As an award winning custom mason with over 30 years of experience, the team specializes in creating residential and commercial outdoor living space that incorporates first class, cutting edge materials and workmanship.

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