What Type of Driveway is Best to Consider for Your Landscaping Project?

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As a professional landscaping company in Vancouver, West Coast Modernscape is frequently presented with very large scale projects.  Many of these projects include a complete overhaul of the front or back yard, sometimes even both.  Much of the time, a driveway of some type is also taken into consideration.

We always find it interesting what many people consider to be landscaping.  Typically, the majority of people think of landscaping as a raised garden and maybe a retaining wall.  They do not immediately recognize that it may involve much more, such as a concrete driveway, a new patio or deck, or even a fence.

With West Coast Modernscape, we not only specialize in front and back garden renovations, but also concrete driveways, and so much more.  When planning your driveway project, there are many considerations to take into account.  If pavers are not an option and the decision is left between either an asphalt or concrete driveway, appearance aside, both materials are very durable and require little maintenance.

Why a Concrete Driveway?

Concrete takes considerably longer to cure than asphalt.  Typically, this takes several days, depending on the weather.  Concrete is more versatile in regards to the look, design and finish.  Concrete driveways can be designed in an array of finishes including: exposed aggregate, white broom, or even stamped or tinted.  If cost is no object, it is much more flexible to fit into your overall landscaping. Basics alone, typically concrete driveways are almost double the cost of asphalt.

Why Consider an Asphalt Driveway?

What is the difference between concrete and asphalt?  Asphalt pavement is a mix of stones and sand aggregate with liquid asphalt cement made from petroleum.  The ingredients are heated and then mixed with the asphalt cement.  Once heated and mixed, the contents are applied while it is still hot.  The mix hardens as it cools, providing a sleek and attractive driveway within hours.

Unlike concrete, asphalt cannot be stamped or tinted.  However, it is extremely durable and considerably less expensive than a concrete driveway.  It does perform well in a northern climate as it is able to flex with frost heave.  It also withstands the continuous freezing and thawing that a more northern climate may create.  During summer months, if the temperature does become extreme, driveways may become soft with a tacky feel.  Sometimes, depending on weight and usage, this may cause some deformities.

Driveway sealing is recommended for asphalt driveways and is fairly easy to do.  If damage to an asphalt driveway occurs, it is easier to repair than a concrete driveway.

West Coast Modernscape performs landscaping in the Vancouver area, which is unique compared to the rest of the country.  Both asphalt and concrete driveways are acceptable in our climate.   Typically being on the coast offers a more temperate climate in the summer and winter.  The only consideration to take into account is precipitation.

Whether it is the replacement of a driveway, or a part of your overall landscaping job, we would love to discuss your landscaping requirements and welcome you to contact us.

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