West Coast Modernscape, (www.westcoastmodernscape.com) Landscapers in Vancouver Head to North Vancouver and Hit the Elements Head on.

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In Vancouver, Landscaping companies can be taken all over the map facing all facets of weather.  It is not always all sunshine and roses.  Sometimes it can be wet and a test of the elements.

This is exactly what we faced for this landscaping project in upper North Vancouver.  What you are looking at here is that we have excavated out the side yard in order to gain access to the back yard.  This access was required because we had a lot of material to bring down to the back.  This landscaping project has a number of components.  A few of these components include a blue stone patio measuring approximately 600 sq/ft, some significant concrete work, a wood deck to build and all the regular landscape garden bits to add including a lawn.

This image with the green pipe and dirt demonstrates some of the drainage that required completing in order to guide the water away from the house.  After speaking with the home owner we were informed there had been significant water issues with this property. It is integral to have these problems corrected before moving forward with this project or any other landscaping project as it provides a solid foundation for the final product.

With this next image, we brought in all the top soil, leveled and graded the yard and began preparation for the turf.  Following the preparation, the next step was to install the turf. In order to install the turn successfully, we started at the far end of the yard and worked our way out in order not to leave any tracks or disturb any of the work we had just completed.  There is nothing like ‘painting yourself into a corner’.  Each step needs to be monitored and logically thought out.

Looking at the image with the deck & playhouse we replaced, you can also see how the lawn was completed. You can also see a small part of the blue stone work here.  The play house was e-situated for the kids making the living space more functional for the owners with a nice grassy area for the kids to play on.

Here is another image of the overall yard which shows a better view of the approximately 600 sq/ft blue stone patio area we completed.  The nice thing about this landscaping project is that we gained about an extra 1,000 sq/ft of outdoor living space for the homeowners.  The project consisted of two types of retaining walls, drainage systems to keep the water away from the house new grass, new deck, blue stone patio and grade correction so the water drains properly.  Before we took this project on, as a part of the previously mentioned drainage correction, the land was sloped toward the house which was corrected to slope away from the house to keep the water away.

We tried to recycle the ivy which will hopefully grow back over the retaining wall as spring and summer approach.  The weather was nasty from start to finish, however we came out shining in the end.

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