Vancouver Landscaping Company, West Coast Modernscape, Keep on top of Trends Through the Winter.

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When hiring a landscaping company, you want to ensure you are hiring someone that is on top of current trends, design and technologies available in the industry.  Being on top of technologies can create more efficiency while maintaining quality, however costing less overall.

The majority of landscaping businesses in the Vancouver area typically have downtime between November and March.  However how that downtime is spent makes the difference between a forward looking landscaping company and one that just plods along looking for the next project.

Because West Coast Modernscape Landscapers are so busy with jobs between February and the end of November, this does not leave much downtime. In face this year, we are working right into December.  The time that is available is not only spent planning for the next season or relaxing as some companies may do, however looking in to new and better ways of improving on what we have already been successful with over the last 30 years.

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