Vancouver Landscapers, West Coast Modernscape, Talk About Certain Landscape Features and Costs, Information You Should be Aware of Before You Start Your Project

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You have seen the images, along with the presentation at a few of the Vancouver landscaping and garden shows.  Now you are interested and would like to know about adding a little zing to your landscaping project with either a water feature, fire table or even both!

“If you are thinking about re-doing your landscaping project, you may also want to consider the upkeep that goes a long with it.  Even a simple concrete driveway in the Vancouver area requires attention” advises Ray Evenson, owner and operator of West Coast Modernscape.  “Concrete driveways should be power washed and sealed annually to help preserve your driveway.  Even from a visual standpoint, with the amount of rain, it is nice to refresh it annually to keep up appearances” continued Evenson.

When talking with Evenson at West Coast Modernscape, we quickly realized that having a wonderfully landscaped garden is delightful; however performing the upkeep can really be a task, depending on the size of the yard. “If you are considering a water feature for your garden, you need to be mindful of what type of trees may be in the vicinity.  The reason for this is during the autumn months, the trees and leaves will fall into the potential water feature area.  This will create slime and rot within the water feature that could potentially get into the pump.   If it is a straight forward waterfall feature, we recommend an annual cleaning, usually in the spring before you start using your water feature.  This will ensure the water runs clear along with prolonging the life of the pump” continued Evenson.

Fire tables can offer much pleasure during the spring and fall evenings when temperatures on the coast start to dip in the early evening hours.  They offer a wonderful ambiance and atmosphere to enjoy at the end of a hard day’s work.  Aesthetically they are also very pleasing.  The maintenance on a fire table is minimal. “Fire tables, relative to water features or concrete driveways are low maintenance.  Evenson advises “they really are more like a barbeque, from a maintenance standpoint.  Just ensure that the area is always kept clean, free of debris and that areas around connection points are also kept clean.  Other than that, fire tables are very low maintenance, less than a barbeque because you aren’t cooking on them.”

So what would you look to budget to have these features worked within your landscape project?  “Our fire tables typically start around $2,000 and water features usually average between $8,000 – $10,000, depending” said Evenson.

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