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You may be considering a refresh in your landscaping for one of many reasons, however today we are going to divulge into curb appeal and what type of landscaping would best suit your house.

Creating an amazing street side view of your house can help with the value and saleability of your home, particularly if you are looking to sell in the spring.  Let’s face it; the overall landscaping of the home is the first part people notice.  Whether it is a water feature, a concrete driveway, or a deck or patio, it all has to make sense and fit in with your home.

Realistically, on the plot of property that you own, the largest item on your land is your home.  There is not much that you can do to the house part of it; however you may certainly dress up how it is presented with an amazing landscaping job.  Even a simple job, like a concrete driveway may really enhance the appeal.

In order to create the ultimate curb appeal with your landscaping, you really need to work with masses and shapes.  Little flowers are not read well from the street.  Plants with repetition, using shrubs to line a concrete driveway or path may complement the shape and size of your home.  Typically, as someone drives past your residence, they will not notice individual flowers.  They will be more likely to notice the shapes and lines of the garden, grass, concrete driveway and walkways combined with the overall presentation as a whole and how it all fits together.

The hardscape in landscaping is also important. For example a deep sidewalk offers an option for a wide flowerbed for accent purposes.  A water feature or bench may provide a place for a congregation of shrubs or perennials.

When considering your landscaping requirements, West Coast Modernscape always recommends emphasis on the rite of passage.  Landscaping your front yard for curb appeal is really about getting to the front door in a pleasing manner.  What is the experience from the street to the door”? This could include a polished concrete driveway, a curvy front path or water fall.

Ensuring the colors of your home match your landscaping is also important and not to be overlooked.  What are the complimentary or contrasting colors? What shrubs, flowers and accents can you include to fit into the color scheme of your home?  This is something as landscaping professionals; we at West Coast Modernscape always take into consideration for your landscaping project.

When talking to us about your landscaping requirements, don’t forget to think about your project from a maintenance perspective.  In the Vancouver or North Vancouver area, even a concrete driveway requires some type of maintenance because of the climate we live in. If you are doing the landscaping for value to resell your home, people may take into consideration how much maintenance they may need to commit to.  Deadheading and picking up petals isn’t for everyone.   What do you see when you look on the front of a home and garden magazine?  Typically shrubs can be low maintenance.

Curb appeal landscaping can really make a home a home when done properly. At West Coast Modernscape (Vancouver landscaping company) we work with you every step of the way to ensure you are completely satisfied with every job.  Check out some of our recent landscaping jobs in Vancouver here. Give us a call, we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

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